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 Visual Reports for .NET

A .NET report writer made for the software developer.

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Visual Reports for .NET is the first .NET report writer that gives the software developer a comprehensive way to create and generate presentation quality reports within their software application.

How to use Visual Reports:

The developer creates the report layout using the Visual Reports designer, followed by adding the necessary .NET code (C#/VB.NET) to generate the report using the Visual Reports (report engine) within Microsoft's Visual Studio environment.

The .NET version of Visual Reports is written using the Microsoft .NET framework which means it is managed code.  Visual Reports for .NET is targeted for the .NET desktop developer. Visual Reports for .NET works great for situations where Microsoft Print Preview Control just doesn't cut it.  

What is available in Visual Reports:

  • Built-in new page and page footer logic. 

  • Reporting engine - programmatically build reports within your application.

  • Total control over report properties and methods.

  • Preview with zooming and scrolling. 

  • Place bitmaps, graphs, and charts as images into your report.

  • Text wrapping for text lines and paragraphs.

  • Excellent sample code included for C# and VB.NET.