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 Visual Reports

A report writer made for the software developer.

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Visual Reports is the first report writer that gives the software developer a comprehensive way to create and generate presentation quality reports within their software application.

How to use Visual Reports

The software developer designs a report using the interactive designer, then programs the printing aspects of the report within an IDE environment, such as Visual Studio or Visual Studio.NET. The software developer is responsible for providing the application data needed to produce the report and has full control of the report properties and methods using a .NET or COM interface.

Multiple data sources

There maybe situations where a report may need to be generated where the data may came from varies data sources.  ADO.NET, XML, Excel or a Word document.  In these situations, the software developer would code the access method, merging and filtering of the data, then feed the data into the Visual Reports engine to generate the report.

Business Rules

There maybe situations where a report may need business rules that dictate what is printed on a section, which section should be printed and if a section should even be printed.  In these situations, the software developer would have full control of the sections and fields on the report and would code the business rules that applied to each section and field on the report. 

Control of printing

Total freedom - now the software developer has full control of which section and field should be printed on a report. 

The COM version of Visual Reports, which is based on Microsoft older technologies, is targeted for the software developer who wishes to use COM based languages like VB6 and VC++. The COM version can be used in .NET; the demo application on this site uses the COM version to generate the PDF reports.

What is available in Visual Reports

  • Generate PDF reports - this is great solution for web reporting.

  • Integrate the Visual Designer within your software application using COM.

  • Programmatically build reports within your application.

  • Print Preview with zooming and scrolling.

  • Add charts to your reports using the MSChart control.

  • Text wrapping for text lines and paragraphs.

  • Sample code for ASP.NET, VB.NET, VB6, VC++, Microsoft Excel (VBA).