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Project Management
Every competitive business needs the advantage of software solutions that are on the mark and on time. Project management is about driving resources and facilities toward the timely delivery of quality software. Defining goals, setting timelines, evaluating results, and making adjustments are all responsibilities of project management. Clear and concise communication is key.

Project managers use proven methodologies and best practices combined with interpersonal skills to achieve success. Sparrow Technologies experience includes project frameworks such as the Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) and the Rational Unified Process (RUP).

Technical Leadership
Project teams are composed of individuals serving in various roles. A team's goals are distributed among and across the team members. Technical leadership moves the team toward individual and group success through mentoring and positive motivation.

Technical leadership requires effective interpersonal skills as well as technical competence. Sparrow Technologies have a demonstrated record of helping individuals and groups to succeed.

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Solution Architecture
Effective software solutions are created from solid architectures. First, a problem is identified and business requirements are gathered. Next, business rules, objects, and processes are defined and a business solution architecture is designed. Then, the business architecture is mapped into a technology framework producing a technical architecture. Finally, the software is developed, tested, and deployed.

Creating solution architectures is a craft that requires the knowledge and resourcefulness of a seasoned professional. Sparrow Technologies draw upon years of experience in enterprise technology, object oriented design, data modeling, and an extensive toolbox of other skills to render quality architectures.
Software Engineering and Development
Business software is the synthesis of business solutions and technology. Software engineering is the art of designing computer programs that implement business architectures. Development is the process of creating executable programs based on software architecture.

Successful software solutions result from solid methodologies, technical competence, and innovation. Sparrow Technologies has a strong practical and academic background with many years of experience in software engineering and development.