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 EDIParser for .NET

Parsing EDI (X12, HL7 and SCRIPT) messages in .NET just got easier with the EDI Parser.

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EDIParser is a .NET library for parsing EDI messages in X12 (4010 and 5010), HL7 and EDIFACT standards. The intent of the EDIParser for .NET is to make your job easier when parsing EDI messages by building the EDI message into a collection of in memory objects.

EDIParser is build on .NET and is intended to be used by Microsoft .NET software developers who are looking for an easy way to parse EDI messages within their visual studio environment. With EDI Parser, the developer can use either C#, VB.NET or ASP.NET languages to construct and translate X12, HL7 or EDIFACT EDI messages.

The EDI Parser component is an EDI software development kit that includes a .NET component and EDI message viewer application (EDIParserViewer) to facilitate development of EDI solutions. With EDI Parser, as your programming tool, you can easily create EDI systems that can construct and translate X12, HL7 and EDIFACT EDI messages.

The EDI Parser .NET component provides to programmers a set of EDI methods, which enables them to quickly create tailored and robust EDI solutions. Code samples written in C# and VB.NET are provided with the development kit. Below is a code example in VB.NET used to generate an HL7 message:

edi parser .NET code


Module Module1

    Sub Main ()

        Dim hl7 As EDIParser.HL7Parser = New EDIParser.HL7Parser()

        hl7.SegmentSeparator = vbCrLf


        hl7.SetValue("MSH.1.1", "|")

        hl7.SetValue("MSH.2.1", "^~\&")

        hl7.SetValue("MSH.3.1", "SENDAPP")

        hl7.SetValue("MSH.4.1", "SENDAPPFAC")

        hl7.SetValue("MSH.5.1", "RECVAPP")

        hl7.SetValue("MSH.6.1", "RECVAPPFAC")

        hl7.SetValue("MSH.7.1", "20070209140300")

        hl7.SetValue("MSH.8.1", "")

        hl7.SetValue("MSH.9.1", "ADT^A01")

        hl7.SetValue("MSH.10.1", "20070209140349")

        hl7.SetValue("MSH.11.1", "P")

        hl7.SetValue("MSH.12.1", "2.3")


        hl7.SetValue("EVN.1.1", "A01") 'admit/visit

        hl7.SetValue("EVN.2.1", "20070209140300")


        hl7.SetValue("PID.2.1", "954") 'external id

        hl7.SetValue("PID.2.4", "ALT964") 'alternative id

        hl7.SetValue("PID.2.5", "MPI") 'master patient index

        hl7.SetValue("PID.3.1", "111111111") 'internal id

        hl7.SetValue("PID.5.1", "JOHN")

        hl7.SetValue("PID.5.2", "DOE")

        hl7.SetValue("PID.5.3", "E")

        hl7.SetValue("PID.7.1", "20010101000000") 'dob

        hl7.SetValue("PID.8.1", "M") 'gender

        hl7.SetValue("PID.11.1", "100 MAIN STREET")

        hl7.SetValue("PID.11.3", "GLENS FALLS")

        hl7.SetValue("PID.11.4", "NY")

        hl7.SetValue("PID.11.5", "12801")

        hl7.SetValue("PID.11.6", "US")

        hl7.SetValue("PID.18.1", "123456789") 'patient acount number





    End Sub

End Module