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 ChartLibrary for .NET

A chart library made for the software developer.

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Chart Library for .NET is a chart library that gives the software developer a comprehensive way to create and/or save charts their software application.

To create any Chart you can use two constructors:

  • CChart(int width,int height) - where width is the chart width and height is the chart height;

  • CChart().

All the chart have two base method:

  • Draw(Graphics graph) - where graph is the graphics content;

  • SaveToFile(string FileName, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat imageformat) - where FileName is the file name where you want get chart, imageformat is used to set image file format (bmp, gif, jpeg).

Below are the following chart types:

  • Bar

  • Pie

  • Line

  • Area

  • Box Whisker

  • Scatter Chart

All the charts use property DataSet DataSource, this property used to set data for chart building. When you set DataSource property, the chart sets default properties for series attributes (color, markers), for axes, for legend box and for diagram body. If you need set the custom properties for these elements you need do it after setting DataSource.

The .NET version of ChartLibrary is written using the Microsoft .NET framework which means it is managed code.  ChartLibrary for .NET is targeted for both the ASP.NET and .NET desktop developer.